I always love to receive any feedback about my classes, so please feel free to contact me or leave a review
with any comments you have. It is all helpful in my progression and growth as a yoga teacher!
Here are some kind words from yogis that have been to some of my classes...


"Claire is an incredible yoga teacher! Her classes and workshops are completely unique and by far my favourite! The beautiful readings and breathwork she incorporates, alongside the perfect soundtrack of music, completely relax and enable me to switch off and really enjoy my practice.
Her sessions are literally the highlight of my week, and I'm so glad to be able to learn from such an inspiring teacher. Thank you for sharing your gift."


"Life changing yoga! Claire is a teacher whose intelligence and generous teaching means she always offers options for different skill levels.
She makes everyone feel welcome, and offers a variety of ways to take your practice into everyday life.
Book that class, you won’t regret it."

"Claire's classes have helped me to heal my mind after trauma in a safe and warming space. Her classes are slow and rhythmical, deepening my connection to my body and mind in the present. I am always left feeling free. Thanks Claire, I am so grateful for your practices."

"Claire is an amazing teacher. She creates a calming and inclusive atmosphere in her classes.
You can tell how passionate she is about her practice and I find this very inspirational."

"Claire is fantastic at making everyone feel included regardless of your ability, explaining many variations of different positions so that you can find one suitable for you. Each class is a different routine with Claire always finding new poems or words for us to focus on.
I'm definitely a yoga convert thanks to Claire - it's been eight months now. I always feel more relaxed and energised after a class."

"Claire is an amazing yoga teacher. Her warm, nurturing and generous energy is incredibly uplifting. Best yoga class of my life!"

"I've been a regular at Claire's classes for some time. She has a steady grounded presence in classes and she directs her beautiful, flowing sequences warmly and sensitively. I really love how focused the classes are, and the steady consistent embodied pace.
It's yoga that avoids the superficiality of 'exercise' and is more pointing towards the more transformative aspects of practice

"Claire has a really nice nature to her classes and always goes out of her way to ensure you get a personal experience out of every class by giving alternate postures of expertise. What I like the most is the pace, and that I don't feel pushed into poses as Claire always teaches in a way that is best for your body.
I'm definitely in much better shape! A great quality service."

"Claire is careful to cater for all levels, and although I have been doing yoga for years I still feel challenged by her innovative teaching style.
Claire also has a wonderful way with words and I love listening to her inciteful thoughts during relaxation. I can thoroughly recommend her classes, a fantastic workout for body and mind."

"One of the things that I love so much about Claire's classes and workshops is that they are not only hugely relaxing, but also they are very mentally stimulating! I consistently come away with food for thought on ways I can use yoga principles in my everyday experiences, whether it's coping with stress or taking moments to experience joy. These yoga classes are a real tonic!"

"I had an amazing first experience with Claire. She is very calming, relaxing and allowed us to engage at our own pace .
There was nothing pretentious or intimidating about the class. Claire was also checking in with me which I really appreciated. Definitely worth coming again!"

"I am new to yoga but, by chance, had a class with Claire and it was by far the most rewarding yoga class I have ever attended."

Claire is clear, calm and confident. Her directions are easy to understand and the balance of practical knowledge and spiritual guidance was perfect.
Her classes have excellent pace, clear instruction, a positive environment and a calming atmosphere."

"A really relaxing class that wasn't super-intimidating like some yoga classes can be. Both myself and my friends really appreciated that!"

"I felt very relaxed and at ease, which is really important as I'm very new to yoga. Claire created a really nice, non-judgmental space. So glad I came."

"Claire has a beautiful elocution style, her voice is at a calming pace, she articulates the movement in and out of poses very clearly, and her music is perfect. "

"Nice pace of movements, use of language and music. I love how Claire prompts when to breath in and out."

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Thank you for your kind words!